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LONG SFF2 riser

From one of our best contributors: Jim Spencer

Here 'tis photo's as talked with John Yesterday about of the mythical never produced (???)  LONG SFF2 riser.
I had an enquiry about Super  ceramic limbs lighter than 40# from a person I think from Holland, as  soon as he said he had an SFF2 riser I assumed he needed long limbs, so I  told him the tale of woe relating to their availability.  (it's a no....)
He insisted he had a 65 cm riser, so I asked for Pictures, and TA DAH !!!
Although he uses a 30cm ruler  showing top half then bottom half of bow, when I put a 30cm ruler  against my SFF2 short riser, it goes to the pivot point on the grip from  both directions, where as in his photo's the ruler  does not quite get to the pivot point, thus proving his riser is indeed  a couple of cm longer on each half of the bow therefore 65cm.  Hence as  he is asking for Medium Limbs, I may be able to help him, but what a  waste, the only person I have found with an  SFF LONG riser , and he only needs a 68" bow !!!!

Learn something every day.........
I want one. . . .  .  .  .  .

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